Foshan Suertec Electric Appliance Co., Ltd,

Our material: in the copper pipe connection parts manufacturing industry, all kinds of products are good and bad, to a great extent, affect the overall function of the product. Suertai brass fittings, high standards and high quality copper.
Our products are the main material for copper and copper pipe flavonoids, our products include 6/ Phi Phi 8/ phi 12/ phi 14/ phi 16/ phi 18/ Phi 19.5 bigualu copper pipe, brass products, a heating boiler casing water faucet.
Brass is one of the best metals. Copper has many advantages such as hardness, toughness and abrasion resistance. It has excellent ductility, thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity.
Our hardware: Suertai have more complete production facilities, has been the company focus on hardware platform construction as a construction company. In recent years, the company has equipped with CNC machine tools, CNC bending machine and other mechanical equipment, become the same industry equipment and facilities complete copper tube connector production platform.
Our team: Suertai has a rich experience, excellent quality of the team, in recent years Suertai continuously strengthen the construction of the technical team.
Focus on research, exquisite workmanship: the company set up a technology research group, process quality control of each link of the production, one by one to follow up monitoring, identify problems, improve timely follow-up, to ensure that the technology index reaches the product, ensure the product precision, fine.
Seiko secret agents, boutique scene: over the years, the company is taking the production principle of high quality, precision technology, and constantly improve the product quality, create superior accessories, received by our customers.