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Warmly celebrating the opening of the new website

Warmly celebrating the op...

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Warmly celebrate the revision Foshan District of Shunde city Suertai Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd. new website, the new site will be a new look, enrich the content to meet with you. Nowadays, the market competition is not only the competition of products, talent and information, but also the competition of information

24 2018-02

Oxygen welding igniter knowledge


Oxygen welding energy saving quick igniter is designed for gas welding, cutting and heating. It is made up of gas combustion supporting device, flow reduction device, gas control system and point fire source.

24 2018-02

Wall-mounted boiler knowledge


During the decades of the birth of the hanging wall furnace and entering the commodity age, various kinds of wall mounted furnaces with various structural properties have sprung up in the market of heating and ventilating products, including China. The types of these wall hanging furnaces are as follows:

24 2018-02

ISH China & CIHE China (Beijing) International Heating and ventilation air conditioning, sanitary ware and urban construction equipment and Technology Exhibition


24 2018-02

Why is the hot type energy saving?


The power is very expensive, which is actually a misunderstanding of the people. The trend of social development is energy saving, as the replacement product of the traditional water heater, that is, the thermoelectric water heater is the most energy saving electric water heater.

12 2018-02

Technical characteristics of fast electric water heater


That is to use, open the faucet at any time, the machine will enter the working state and outflow hot water. The constant temperature machine adopts the contactless control technology. The gear machine adopts the contact control technology.

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