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Oxygen welding igniter knowledge

Date:2018-2-24 10:48:12 Source:Suertai Clicks:

Oxygen welding energy saving quick igniter is designed for gas welding, cutting and heating. It is made up of gas combustion supporting device, flow reduction device, gas control system and point fire source. Its main function is discontinuous in the welding operation of the bracket is hung on the ignition torch / hook can be closed when the working gas source, the need to restore operation, extraction of welding torch gas automatic welding torch burner, this time as long as the near ignition fire can realize ignition (ignition off in 5-8 seconds). Therefore, the use of the igniter is not only energy-saving, reducing invalid burning time of welding torch, reduce harmful pollutants by welding (welding dust, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, acetylene, etc.) and make the welding operation more convenient and safe, and can also improve the working efficiency.