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Wall-mounted boiler knowledge

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Wall mounted gas boiler

During the decades of the birth of the hanging wall furnace and entering the commodity age, various kinds of wall mounted furnaces with various structural properties have sprung up in the market of heating and ventilating products, including China. The types of these wall hanging furnaces are as follows:

1. according to the heating method, it can be divided into the hot wall hanging furnace and the volume type wall hanging furnace.

2. according to use, it can be divided into single function and heating bath dual-purpose type, and the heating and bathing dual use type can be divided into casing wall hanging furnace and plate changing wall hanging furnace.

3. from the characteristics of the gas valve body, it can be divided into a broken wall hanging furnace and a proportional wall hanging furnace.

4. from the characteristics of the pressure of the combustion chamber, it can be divided into positive pressure burning wall hanging furnace and negative pressure burning wall hanging furnace.

5. from the form of heat exchanger, it can be divided into internal combustion wall hanging furnace and external combustion wall hanging furnace.

6. from the characteristics of the circulation system, it can be divided into open wall hanging furnace and closed wall hanging furnace.

7. from the characteristics of recovery of waste heat, it can be divided into ordinary wall hanging furnace and condensing wall hanging furnace.

Electric wall hanging furnace

Electric boiler and electric heating boiler is the power for energy by hot water heating tube heating, air conditioning or electric machine of the health, fast heating, high thermal efficiency, small size, no noise, modular heating, energy saving, convenient installation, comprehensive domestic and international advanced technology into all aspects of a new generation of products. Heating mode (electric heating rod, quartz tube ferry, PTC liquid film, ceramic semiconductor, electromagnetic type etc.). The installation method is wall hanging type, so it is called the electric wall hanging furnace.

Bigualu classification according to different classification criteria: from the heating method is divided into "hot" and "volume"; divided from the use of "single heating" "semi-automatic" and "automatic" (or called: single and double waterway waterway); from the combustion chamber pressure on as: "positive pressure combustion" and "negative pressure combustion"; from the gas valve body is divided into: "on-off type and proportion".

It is divided into "importing machine" and "assembly machine" from the place of origin. It needs to be explained that some of the so-called "importing machines" are actually assembled at home.

Purchase and purchase of the products of this section

So as a general user, how should we choose a better wall hanging stove. There are the following points for reference.

1. the quality is reliable.

The main parts of the furnace wall depends on whether the quality of clearance, the main parts (such as controller, proportional valve, water pump, expansion tank and so on) the best selection of well-known brands, excellent quality products, in order to guarantee the quality and performance of the boiler of the whole, the price is slightly higher.

2. product inspection:

Because the boiler is gas products, product inspection must be strictly, ensure quality manufacturers must have products and must pass the relevant departments of the state inspection, in addition, each machine must be on-site combustion, 100% after passing the factory inspection, sampling is absolutely not allowed. Because 99% of the rate of qualified products, representing a users buy substandard products 100%.

3. control system:

A good control system is an effective guarantee for normal and safe combustion operation of wall hung furnace, and has great significance for testing, maintenance, daily operation and failure analysis. Because of the start self inspection, safety protection, ignition operation, and the change of the working conditions of the wall hanging furnace, most of the change of the working condition is done by the controller.

4. security protection function:

The safety problem has always been involved in thousands of families, the wall hanging furnace as a household gas product safety is also very important. At present, like bigualu well-known brands produced in Europe are more in the security clearance, safety protection function and not the more the better, but some of the most basic must not be less such as: with leakage protection, water protection, wind protection, electronic ignition, induction heating system, freeze protection, anti jam protection water pump, water pump bypass protection, water flow monitoring device, anti dry burning and overtemperature protection, safety protection, heating system overvoltage protection failure of flameout protection, water temperature sensor etc..

The matching of the output power of the 5. wall hanging furnace:

The output power of wall hung furnace is generally considered according to the area of the room, the area, the indoor design temperature, the insulation condition of the wall and windows, and the needs of users.

6. price:

According to the configuration of the parts in the wall hanging furnace, it is a better choice to determine the price of the wall hanging furnace. Such as European imported components, the quality is good, its price is high, all aspects of good performance, low failure rate, safety and so on.

7. services:

Most of the hanging wall furnaces are ordinary people. So the most fundamental goal for manufacturers is to let users get benefits, considering users' needs, thoughts and concerns. Because bigualu years fast development, many domestic brands, like some brand-name machine in quality, performance, customer service do not get the basic guarantee.

To sum up, the selection of wall hung furnace should be integrated in all aspects, to balance its performance price ratio, and select products with excellent quality and safety, superior performance and service in place.

If used correctly, it will not only improve the service efficiency of hanging wall furnace, but also prolong its service life. The most important thing is to save energy greatly. Here are some related knowledge about wall hanging furnaces.

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Keep water pressure

Before the user is used, it is first to check whether the water pressure gauge pointer of the boiler is in the specified range. The standard water pressure stipulated in the manual is 1-1.2 PPA, but it is in the case that the water pressure gauge is in the specified range.