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ISH China & CIHE China (Beijing) International Heating and ventilation air conditioning, sanitary ware and urban construction equipment and Technology Exhibition

Date:2018-2-24 10:44:31 Source:Suertai Clicks:

In 2014, a famous exhibition in HVAC held in Beijing -- ISH China & CIHE China (Beijing) International heating, ventilating, air conditioning, sanitary ware and urban construction equipment and technology exhibition, was opened in May 2014 13 to 15 in Beijing China International Exhibition Center (New Museum). The exhibition brings together the two pavilions of Germany and Italy; during the Sino European Congress gorgeous upgrade; three display areas debut; China international building drainage blockbuster debut exhibition international forum. The international influence of the exhibition will be further promoted, which will give the audience a different trade and exchange experience.

The exhibition by the Frankfurt Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. hosted "and" Beijing is tiger Exhibition Co. Ltd., covering a total of 6 pavilions, exhibited a total area of 85000 square meters, about more than 950 exhibitors and 40000 domestic and international visitors to participate in. Composed of many international brands in the German Pavilion and Italy Pavilion is one of the biggest highlights of this exhibition. Our company has also participated in the exhibition, and we have conducted extensive exchanges.